MBI Construction Services works to support our clients with the delivery of a successful, cost effective project. We tailor the services to adapt from full project oversight to staff augmentation to fill project management gaps within your organization. Our flexibility to adapt to the project needs and pull from a depth of resources within the MBi organization allow us to serve the project and project team.

Program Management Services

  • Project Timeline Development – Establishment of the overall project timeline sets the stage for the pace and the successful delivery of any project. Our program management team will work with the Owner to set expectations of project delivery timelines and the critical decision milestones for the project. This timeline will then be used as a driving tool to lead the team to completion.
  • General Procurement Process – Program management includes assisting the Owner in the procurement process for many facets of a project including but not limited to general contractors, consultants, testing agencies, and onsite safety inspectors. Request for proposals, evaluation, and recommendations for selection are made to the Owners followed by any needed contractual support.
  • Logistics Budgeting, Equipment Budgeting – Most construction projects conclude with the need to move in and occupy by the Owner. The logistics of planning, budgeting, and completing these moves can put additional burden on the owner’s organization. MBI’s program management services can provide the coordination needed to plan and execute the new project occupancy. This may include lease closeout planning at existing locations, existing equipment and furniture inventories, staged move schedules and management of contractors to execute this work.
  • Executive Level Reporting – Our Program Management Services include the assembly of all project cost aspects for an Executive Oversight Committee.  The assembly will occur at the earliest possible project phase and be continuously monitored and updated for regular report out to the determined stake holders.  Working closely with the project team and the Owner, a Project Contingency will be established and tracked as part of the Executive Report and Decision structure.  Additionally, the Program Management Services will collect, evaluate and assemble monthly pay applications for review and payment by the Owner’s established process.  This service will lessen the additional burden on the Owner’s staff and help coordinate any regulatory funding requirements that may exist.
  • Contract Coordination
  • Onsite Representation
  • Leasing coordination
  • Occupants move logistics and coordination
  • Executive Summaries
  • Presentations
  • Owner, Architect,Contractor coordination meetings
  • Schedule Assessments
  • Facility Hand Off
  • Close out document coordination
  • Coordination of New Facility training for Owner’s Staff
  • Commissioning

Owner's Representative

MBI provides project representative services located on or off site to act on the Owner’s behalf for items such as:

  • Daily jobsite monitoring
  • Field observation
  • Owner’s document control
  • Reporting, activity logs, weather reports
  • Coordination between local government, designer, and contractor on the Owner’s behalf
  • Maintain written and electronic records for the Owner
  • Correspondence
  • Construction schedule monitoring
  • Jobsite meeting attendance
  • Deliver coordination of Owner furnished items

Construction Delivery

  • Construction management
  • Design Build
  • Unlimited License